Replacement for Apple M9756 battery

This is a high quality & brand new 4400mAh replacement Apple M9756 battery for your Apple M9756 laptop at wholesale price.

Type : Li-ion
Color : Silver
Volts : 10.8V
Cells : 6 Cell
Capacity : 4400mAh
Condition : Replacement, Brand New

List Price : $110.57
Our Price : $77.40 ( Save $33.17 )

Condition : Brand New, High Quality
Availability : In Stock Now
Customer Rating : 5 Stars
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Power your Apple M9756 laptop with this excellent replacement Apple M9756 battery can ensure your work easy and convenient, have a extra battery helps improve your productivity when you in travel. Each replacement Apple M9756 battery is made from A-Grade(Sony,LG,Samsung etc.) battery cells and high-quality Eco-friendly materials. Selling replacement Apple M9756 laptop battery packs are fine workmanship and excellent performance, all Apple M9756 batteries have passed international certification( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 ).

Compatible Part Numbers

  • 661-2927
  • A1045
  • A1078
  • A1148
  • E68043
  • M9325
  • M9325G/A
  • M9325J/A
  • M9756
  • M9756G/A
  • M9756J/A

Fit Models

  • 15 inch PowerBook G4
  • 15" PowerBook G4
  • 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4 Series
  • 15-inch PowerBook G4
  • M8980J/A
  • M8980LL/A
  • M8981J/A
  • M8981LL/A
  • M9421
  • M9421LL/A
  • M9422
  • M9422LL/A
  • M9676*/A
  • M9676B/A
  • M9676CH/A
  • M9676F/A
  • M9676HK/A
  • M9676J/A
  • M9676X/A
  • M9676Z/A
  • M9677*/A
  • M9677B/A
  • M9677CH/A
  • M9677F/A
  • M9677HK/A
  • M9677J/A
  • M9677X/A
  • M9677Z/A
  • M9969*/A
  • M9969B/A
  • M9969CH/A
  • M9969F/A
  • M9969J/A
  • M9969X/A
  • PowerBook G4 15"
  • Powerbook G4 15-inch
  • PowerBook G4 15-inch Combo drive
  • Powerbook G4 15 inch

Some tips for replacement Apple M9756 battery

1. The replacement Apple M9756 battery life not by the length of the total use of time, but by the charge and discharge times to decide.
2. If you don't use your replacement Apple M9756 battery for a long time, please note to take care of it: (1) Pay attention to environmental temperature and humidity, please placed your Apple M9756 battery in ventilated and dry place. (2) Must maintain an electric for it and recharge it every month, maintained 50 percent power at least.
3. Don't charge and discharge for this replacement Apple M9756 battery directly after removed it from your Apple laptop.
4. In order to maximum use of the replacement Apple M9756 battery you can close some ports and equipment which not used frequently(such as parallel port LPT, Modem) , and when your Apple M9756 laptop is idle, you can turn off the LCD brightness (shortcut key FN + F3).

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